A fist is comprised of individual fingers

Have you ever seen the videos of Cape Buffalos attacking lions? The lions single out an isolated calf or elder buffalo and strategically attack. The victim screams, and the entire herd rushes in, chasing off the preditors, often permanently reducing the number of aggressors.

Why can’t we, the American people…

When I feel overwhelmed by the evil in the world and the giant forces that make change nearly impossible, I remember the fable about the little girl, who after a storm, took it upon herself to return the stranded starfish to the sea. An old man upon seeing her pointed out that her efforts were futile, that there were too many stranded starfish on the shore, and her actions couldn't make a difference. Her answer was to toss yet another starfish back into the sea and tell him. "I sure made a difference to that one."

So Far, So Good

One out of every three Americans experienced the effects of climate change this summer. One out of every five Americans has died of Covid.

There are more homeless families on the street now than ever, as corporations and speculators buy up property and raise rents beyond…

Jeff Wild

An old freak looking for a way to survive in a world I no longer understand, but through my writing, pretend I do.

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