I wish I could give this more than fifty claps. There is no grand meaning or purpose in life. Sadness, happiness, and indeed sentience is an illusion. We’re born, we die and in between we search for ways to forget our ephemeral status.

I share your political sentiments. In the sixties, we thought we could change the world, end wars and hasten mankind’s evolution. We were naive. The days of raiding villages and burning straw huts are over — replaced by mechanized killing machines and new forms of genocide. Mankind will never evolve.

Were there actually a god, it would be that he did, in fact, create us in his image — he who created small pox, STDs, crib death, childhood Leukemia and egos.

As for Trump and the repugnant party, they are merely a manifestation of the evil that is inherent in human kind. I scream, not because I am surprised but because it is happening here and I can’t stop it.

Just as there is no meaning, there is no purpose — no good nor evil. On a cosmic scale, the tiger is no more the villain than the lamb, the sociopath no worse than the philanthropist, Trump no worse than Jonas Salk. But I don’t view the world from a cosmic vantage. I choose to make subjective judgements. I choose to do no hurt and to abhor those who do. And I choose to be kind.

An old freak looking for a way to survive in a world I no longer understand, but through my writing, pretend I do.

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