I’ll be turning sixty-eight next week and I’m burnt out. I’ve done quite a few things in my life, but currently have no ambition, no interest in developing anything that doesn’t adequately supplement my social security. I’ve recently taught myself photography (purchased cameras, lenses, etc. and joined a group of pros for weekend shoots), practical videography (learned to shoot and sell stock footage), and of course, re-immersed in the world of words (I’ve always envisioned myself becoming a professional writer of fiction when I grew up — never did fully grow up). But if the truth be told, I’d rather watch old movies and lay on the beach. I feel I’m far too old for grand ambitions, just small, pleasant ones that will keep me in pizza and Chinese food until I drop dead at my desk.

An old freak looking for a way to survive in a world I no longer understand, but through my writing, pretend I do.