Strength in Unity, Power in Numbers

A fist is comprised of individual fingers

Jeff Wild
2 min readJan 19, 2022


Have you ever seen the videos of Cape Buffalos attacking lions? The lions single out an isolated calf or elder buffalo and strategically attack. The victim screams, and the entire herd rushes in, chasing off the preditors, often permanently reducing the number of aggressors.

Why can’t we, the American people, do that? We know we’re being attacked. We hear the cries of the victims in the hungry children, in the struggling elderly, in the mounting number of homeless citizens, in the staggering amount of wealth transferred from the working person to the already monied elite.

Why can’t we all respond in mass? Turn the tide. Perhaps it’s because we’re tired. Maybe because we fear the predators will always return. We fear their teeth. Perhaps because we’re content the calf is not ours, and the old bull is not of our personal acquaintance. Better him than me.

So you escaped the pride today with only a minor wound, no worse than the one you suffered last week or the week before. You’re a little weaker now, but you’re still breathing — nothing to worry about this week. Besides, the lions have already picked out their next victim, and it’s not you.

So you cower and hope you’re not noticed.

But consider what it would be like if the preditors were weaker, fewer in number, and perhaps permanently deterred from attacking the herd.

It would take a sustained effort, radical action, and a bit of courage.

The buffalo figured out it’s worth it. And that’s what they do.

Too bad humans are not as caring as Cape Buffalos, and perhaps this is neither the land of the free nor the home of the brave.

Photo by Simon Hurry on Unsplash



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